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Red Feather Lakes is a charming and relaxed Colorado mountain village, a residential  and recreational community that features a series of eight scenic lakes, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest.  Located just 43 miles northwest of Fort Collins and only a few hours drive from Denver International Airport, the escape and solitude of Red Feather Lakes is readily accessible.
Early settlers brought ranch and logging operations to the area beginning in the 1870s with the first cabin built along South Lone Pine Creek by pioneer, John Hardin.  With the need to store water from the higher mountains for downstream irrigation needs, the lakes as we know them today were created in the early 1900s and soon became valued recreational amenities.  Many cabins were built around the lakes in the 1920s which saw the beginnings of a summer resort area providing opportunities for fishing, golfing, and mountain enjoyment.  Here you will commonly find a variety of wildlife including moose, elk, deer, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, and coyote, as well as many small animals and colorful birds.
Today the village and surrounding area offers residents and visitors many daily conveniences including camping and recreational areas, general stores with fuel and groceries, antique and gift shops, and locally operated restaurants.  Village services also include an area fire station, a community building operated by the Property Owners Association, a well-stocked community library, and post office. 
The diversity of housing in this unique serene community is wide ranging, to suit every mountain lifestyle, from rustic cabins dating back to the 1920s, to moderately priced fully functional homes for summer or year-round use, to luxury custom homes of every size.

Lakes of The Village
  • Parvin Lake (Public Lake)
  • West Lake (Public) offers day use area and campground with reservation.
  • Dowdy Lake (Public) offers day use area and campground with reseravation.
  • Bellaire Lake (Public) offers day use area and campground with reservation.

Phone number to make public campground    reservations in Red Feather Lakes area:


The following lakes are private and require a fishing membership to access.

  • Erie Lake
  • Shagwa Lake
  • Hiawahta Lake
  • Apache Lake
  • Nokomis Lake
  • Ramona Lake
  • Snake Lake
  • Letitia Lake



For infomration regarding the membership to access 8- private stocked lakes of Red Feather click the link below.

Red Feather Storage & Irrigation


Check back often for updated photos, information and activities on the Lakes of Red Feather.                    




Business's of the Village


Red Feather Lakes has several business's that provide services and conveniences to residents and visitors.  Scroll below the map to find informaiton about the business corresponding to the number on the map.


1. Ponderosa Realty Associates                               
23340 W. County Rd 74E                                     970-881-2195  Toll Free 1-800-531-2195 
2. Sawmill Junction Mini  Storage          
 23340 W. County Rd 74E
3. AUTOMOTIVE    970-881-2093  
4. Morning Star Community Church  23628 W. County Rd 74E
5. Chapel In The Pines
 23947 W. County Rd 74E
6. Alpine Lodge

157 County Rd 67J                        (Prairie Divide Rd)

 970-881-2933  Alpine Lodge 
7. Potbelly
24340 W. County Rd 74E
 Potbelly Information
8. Our Lady Of The Lakes Catholic Church County Rd 85 - just west of Red Feather Village
970-484-4128  Our Lady Of The Lakes 
9. Mountain Mutt Cuts
104 County Rd 73C
Mountain Mutt Cuts information
10. Soaring Eagle Ecology Center
Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
11. Red Feather Elementary School K-5                         
505 County Rd 73C
Red Feather Elementary School
12. Slash Solutions       
1337 County Rd 73C
13. Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch          
100 Beaver Meadows Place
14. AmaDoodles (coffe, cappachino, gifts, deli sandwiches)
 92 Hiawatha Highway
970-881-2646  AmaDoodles
15.  Mutt Knee Brace
92 Hiawahta Highway
16. Hilltop General Store
99 Hiawatha Highway

17.  Veterans Memorial Park      
18. Robinson HIstoric Cabin
In the Village just eas of County Rd 67J and Main Street
   Red Feather Hisroric Society
19.  Community Well
20. Red Feather Lakes Post Office
17 Main Street
22. Red Feather Trading Post 41 Main Street 970-881-2912 Trading Post
23. Private residence      
24. Village Veterinary Clinic 73 Main Street 970-881-2782 Village Veterinary Clinic
25. Private Resident      
26. Hardware Store      
27. Lone Pine Realty      
28. Red Feather Community Library 71 Fire House Lane 970-881-2836 Red Feather Lakes Community Library
29. Red Feather Lakes Propery Owners Association and Community Builiding 58 Fire House Lane 970-881-2925 Red Feather POA
29. Red Feather Lakes Storage & Irrigation (Private Lakes fishing information & membership) 52 Fire House Lane 970-881-2175 Red Feather Storage & Irrigation

30.  Red Feather Helipor - Emergency Flight for Life Service

Behind the POA building at 58 Fire House Lane  911 or Red Feather Volunteer Fire Dept.  Red Feather Volunteer Fire Dept.

31. Red Feather Volunteer Fire Department

44 Fire House Lane 970-881-2565 Red Feather Lakes Volunteer Fire Dept.

32. Ramona Lake Cabins

1078 Ramona Drive 970-881-2964 Ramona Lake Cabins

33. Chaple In the Pines Thrift Shop       AKA "Red Feather Mall"

960 Ramona Drive information           970-881-3508 Thrift Store Information

34. Restaurant FOR SALE

181 Ramona Drive

Information Call

Ponderosa Realty       970-881-2195 feather
35. Sportsman's Cafe 199 Dowdy Drive 970-881-2701  Sportsman's Cafe
36. Red Feather Lodge (Apartment Rental)   303-200-0320  
37. Red Feather Lakes Super (Grocery) 137 Dowdy Drive 970-881-2331 Red Feather Super info
38. Commercial Building FOR SALE 25 Birdie Street    
39. Dowdy Lake Campground   1-877-444-6777 For campground reservations
40. West Lake Campground   1-877-444-6777 For campground reservations
41. Bellaire Lake campground   1-877-444-6777 For campground reservations
42. Western Ridge Resort 98 Eiger Road, Livermore, CO 970-482-4401 Western Ridge Resort
43. Sundance Trail Guest Ranchd 17931 W. County Rd 74E 970-2224-1222 Sundance Trail Guest Ranch



United Country Ponderosa Realty Associates

23340 W County Road 74e, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545


Fax 970-881-2733