The original Livermore Fisk Hotel and Post Office

Post office today close to intesection of Hwy 287

and W. County Road 74E. (Red Feather Lakes Rd)


Original Forks Hotel Built by 

Robert O. Roberts 1875

The Forks Cafe

1950's - 1970's Burned in 1985

The Forks today

Livermore Elementary School


360 W. County Road 74E

livermore elementary school


Livermore Community Church

284 W. County Road 74E


Livermore Community Church

Livermore Fire Station



Livermore Volunteer Fire Department

The Livermore Community Hall.

Site for many community events, craft fairs, fund raisers and a seasonal farmers market.



Livermore Homes For Sale  

Livermore Land For Sale

United Country Ponderosa Realty Associates

23340 W County Road 74e, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545


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